Yokheh Bread

Shekoufeh Ahmadi April 15, 2021
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Yokheh or Kak is a kind of traditional Iranian sweet bread, found both in Kermanshah and Shiraz. In Shiraz, it is called Yokheh bread. This pastry is made of very thin sheets of dough that are made using special sauces. Yokheh is light, tasty, and full of energy. It is made from wheat flour, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, oil, cardamom, and water.

One of the principles used in making Yokheh was that the only person who could touch the bread dough was the pioneer of this technique and these people only did this by performing ablutions. Among the professionals of its technique are people like the late "Haj Amir Ali Jafari" known as "Kolooche Paz” and the late "Haj Reza Shekarriz", "Haj Abdullahzadeh" and "Haj Massoud Motahhari.

Kak or Yokheh, wet halva, sugar bread, Shiraz rice bread, and Fasaei cookies are the most popular pastries of Shiraz.

In a Nutshell

Yokheh Shiraz is one of the many popular local and traditional pastries of this city. This sweet bread, also known as Kak, is a delicious and light food loved by the locals. Here is the name of some of the most famous Shiraz pastries where you can find Yokheh:

- Hemat Yokheh Pastry

- Khalili Yokheh Pastry

- Keshavarz Yokheh Pastry

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