The Lost Paradise

Shekoufeh Ahmadi January 11, 2021
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In Marvdasht city, Fars, there’s an area that is known as The Lost Paradise because of its heavenly beauty. In the past, this area, located along Dena mountain range, was known only to locals. This region remained unknown until the 1960s, when it was discovered by mountaineers and nature tourism groups and was gradually introduced to other cities. Tang-e Bostanak is a mountainous region covered with forests that have created an all-green, spectacular view. Apart from the famous waterfalls of this region, the view of the lake strip of Dorodzan dam is another wonder. Dense oak forests and the architecture of the villages, together with natural beauties and paddy fields on the way to Bostan Strait are just some of the attractions. This region used to provide the water supply for the surrounding villages, used for drinking, agriculture, and tourism.

In a Nutshell

Located 120 km northwest of Shiraz is the "Lost Paradise”. Imagine spending a day in the heart of such beautiful nature. The pleasant sound of the waterfall, the gentle breeze, and the pleasant summer sun, undoubtedly makes a piece of paradise. One of the interesting features of this natural phenomenon is the rocky bed of the valley floor where you can see the growth of sycamore trees, walnuts, and tall, shade-loving plants.

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Best time to visit: Spring & Summer.

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