Tashk Lake

April 15, 2021

Shekoufeh Ahmadi Nature & Adventure
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Shaped like a crescent, Tashk Lake is located northwest of Bakhtegan Lake, with an area of about 44200 hectares. The lake is about 12 meters deep at its deepest point during wet seasons.

Tashk Lake, with several islands in the middle and even small and large peninsulas, is one of the most popular natural attractions in Fars Province. Among its most famous islands are Narges Island and Gonban Island. The lake is connected to Bakhtegan Lake through a small gorge in the middle of the mountain, and the two rivers, Kor and Sivand. Water from the drains of the upstream areas is the main sources of this beautiful lake. The shores of the lake are covered with evaporative white sediments, but on the shores near the ophiolite rocks, the color is darker.

In a Nutshell

Tashk Lake, with an area of approximately 800 square kilometers, is located northwest of Bakhtegan Lake and 160 kilometers east of Shiraz. There are a number of small and large islands and peninsulas made of radiolarites, pelagic rocks, and Sarvak limestone in these two lakes, the most important of which are Narges and Gonban Islands in Tashk Lake, and Manak Island in Bakhtegan Lake.

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