Stone Mosque
January 11, 2021
Shekoufeh Ahmadi
Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Azarakhsh Fire Temple or Stone Mosque is an ancient, obsolete fire temple in Iran. Stone mosque was built on the slopes of a mountain and has an amazing structure with a cruciform facade, known today as the Stone Mosque. Fire temples were Zoroastrian shrines, where practitioners of the religion used for saying prayers. With the arrival of Islam in Iran, most fire temples were gradually shut down and lost their function. Many fire temples were left unused, and some became mosques over time. Many modern Islamic mosques are built on Sassanid fire temples. During the reign of Mohammad Hassan Mobarez in 1254, an altar was added to the Azarakhsh fire temple and since then, this structure has become a mosque. Near the Azarakhsh fire temple, a mill has been built in the heart of the mountain. The mill has two large stone ovens at the top of the mountain, through which water pours into the mill.

Carved from the mountain itself, Azarakhsh fire temple is 420 square meters. Part of the roof is open and below, there is a low-lying pool. Outside the mosque is a small room that has been built in the mountain, which seems to have been the place for the guardian of the temple.

In a Nutshell

Five kilometers southeast of Darab, you can visit Azarakhsh Fire Temple or Stone Mosque. A remarkable place with unique architecture. The combination of pre-Islamic and Islamic religions attracts many tourists from all over the world.

Qucik Facts

Open from 8:00 A.M to 7:30 P.M.

Admission: IR300000