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Kiana Fazilat June 07, 2021
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Among Iranians, Shiraz is known for its relaxed, easy-going residents the way California brings Hollywood to mind. However, don’t take that to mean Shirazis are an unmotivated, inactive bunch. This is easily evident by taking a look at the sheer number of famous Shirazi athletes.

Even though we are famous for knowing how to enjoy life to the fullest, it doesn’t mean we have an unhealthy lifestyle. If you happen to go for a walk on Piadeh Rah-e Salamat, or some of the parks in Shiraz, you will see the Shirazi youth hard at work. They are passionate about sports the way they are passionate about life. You will see them kickboxing, skateboarding, riding their bikes, running or at the very least taking a walk. For many, going to the gym is part of a daily routine.

Shiraz is even host to what is called “family walking events” or “family hiking events”, where Shirazi families can register and go for a walk with thousands of others on weekends.

What’s more, Shiraz was one of the first cities in Iran to launch Bdood, a bike sharing service that enables people to rent bikes and scooters via an app and a QR code.

However, what makes Shiraz the perfect place for sports enthusiasts, is its location. Shiraz is situated at the foot of Zagros Mountains, surrounded by heights from all sides. This has made the city a hub for mountaineers, hikers, and trail runners, with Ghandili Park and Derak Mountain Park providing the visitors with easy-to-follow trails and a beautiful view of the city.

If you’re seeking something a bit more exciting, Shiraz still has more to offer. Skiing in Pooladkaf Resort, Paragliding in Zarghan and Maharloo Lake, and even bungee jumping and kart racing in Sadra.

Whatever your preference is, sports in Shiraz will meet your expectations.

In a Nutshell

Although Shiraz is known for its relaxed atmosphere, the people of the city are an active bunch. Because of its location at the foot of Zagros Mountains, Shiraz has become a great spot for mountain sports. However, that does not mean Shiraz has any less to offer in other areas. From biking to bungee jumping, traveling to Shiraz brings many opportunities and unexplored territory for sports enthusiasts.   

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