Shiraz Chamran Paintball

April 15, 2021

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Shahid Chamran Forest Paintball is an outdoor field where you can experience adrenaline rushes in a team tournament. Being located near one of the best hotels in Shiraz makes it easy to find the Chamran Paintball Club.

Here, a simulated battle and commando moments await thrill enthusiasts. No experience? No problem. Club members will teach you how to have a safe competition and a thrilling experience. Moreover, during the game, a coach will accompany the competitors and will supervise the tournament. Do not worry about safety. Chamran Paintball Club provides the needed equipment, including paintball markers, safety masks, and shock absorber clothing for you. The only things you have to do is wear suitable shoes, enforce safe game rules, watch out for the natural obstacles, and capture the flag.

Game rules:

The minimum number of participants is at least six and a maximum of 14 people.

People under ten are not allowed to participate in the game.

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