Shesh Pir

January 11, 2021

Shekoufeh Ahmadi Nature & Adventure
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Shesh Pir Spring, also known as Shesh Pir Lake, has been called the bride of Iranian lakes among the people of Fars province, and the locals consider it a sacred place. It has become a tourist destination today, not only because of its spectacular natural scenery, but also because of its unique and large fish, which make it a rich fishing site for enthusiasts.

The water of Shesh Pir flows from the southeast of Sepidan in a mountainous path to the Homayjan plain and is transferred to the lands and gardens of Homayjan using traditional streams. About 500 meters from the source, 20 fish breeding units benefit from the waters of Shesh Pir. About 200 meters from the spring, an inscription has been engraved in the heart of the mountain, which indicates the attention of the Qajar dynasty kings to this beautiful nature. Gambil Canyon is the source of the first Shesh Pir spring and the forest cover and natural landscapes of this region have made it an attractive destination for tourists.

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Shesh Pir is among the many popular natural destinations of Fars Province. It has been a source of income for rural people of the surrounding villages. The green space and pleasant weather make it a place of tranquility.

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