Shapouri Mansion

Shekoufeh Ahmadi January 11, 2021
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Shapouri Mansion in Shiraz dates back to the First Pahlavi period. This mansion has been registered as one of the national monuments of the country. If you are planning to travel to Shiraz, be sure to pay a visit to Shapouri Mansion.

It became famous in 1931 under the supervision of the famous architect "Abolghasem Mohandesi". It belonged to one of the greatest merchants of Shiraz (Abdul Sahib Shapouri) until the early ’90s. The mainland is 4635 square meters with 840 square meters of infrastructure and 2 floors. Adding a balcony and a staircase was an unconventional tradition in Iranian architecture, but we can see them in Shapouri Mansion for the first time. The garden paths follow a completely symmetrical pattern, but the trees are not planted symmetrically.

The architecture was very unique for the time. There are many rooms inside this mansion, each of which has a specific function. The innovative designs in the garden have turned it into a European-Iranian work of art.

In a Nutshell

Located on Anvari Street, the luxurious Shapouri Mansion is one of the most beautiful buildings in Shiraz. The design was inspired by Qajar architectural style. The garden includes a coffee shop and a restaurant, making it a cozy and beautiful place to spend time.

Quick Facts:

Admission: IR300000


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