Shah Cheragh

Shekoufeh Ahmadi January 11, 2021
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Mir Seyyed Ahmad, the son of Imam Musa Kazem, was also known as Shah Cheragh. He is the brother of Imam Reza and the eldest son of Imam Musa Kazem. His martyrdom took place at the hands of Mamun on his way from Khorasan to Shiraz. Today, the shrine built in his memory, also called as Shah Cheragh, is a spectacular place known to everyone in Shiraz.

Reconstruction and restoration of this building were done in 1344 by Shah Sheikh Abu Ishaq Inju’s mother (King of Persia), Queen Tashi Khatoon. Shah Cheragh has two main entrance doors. These entrances are located on the south and north sides of the shrine. The shrine of Shah Cheragh and his brother Mir Mohammad are both located in this building. When you look at the roof of the porch, you will see beautiful inlays that have given a special glory to this peaceful place.

The inside of the shrine is filled with fine, artistic, colored mirrors, and you can see a variety of beautiful Persian and Arabic writings. There are four royal residences and a mosque that has been built behind the shrine, on the west side.

In a Nutshell

Shah Cheragh was built in the 13th century, during the rule of Atabakan in Fars. It is located next to Ahmadi square, in the center of Shiraz. It’s a valuable place for Muslims all around the world, where many people come to visit every year.

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