Salari Garden
January 11, 2021
Shekoufeh Ahmadi
Park & Garden
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Salari Garden is located southeast of Shiraz, on the north side of Sibouyeh Boulevard. At the time of its construction, gardening used to be very prosperous, but unfortunately, despite the vast area of unused land nearby, schools and other facilities have been built in some parts of the garden. Today, only a small area of the garden with several old trees remains.

The garden was built by Habibullah Khan, the son of Mohammad Reza Khan Ghavam-ol-Molk and the grandson of Mirza Mohammad Khan, during his youth. During the Qajar period, a very beautiful mansion was built at the center of this garden, which has survived to this day. The mansion has two floors and faces south. The first floor is underground and the upper floor has a large hall in the middle and is surrounded by porches with beautiful plaster columns and three rooms built in three corners. There is beautiful plastering in the upper part of the north porch.

In a Nutshell

Dating back to Qajar era, Salari Garden is one of the many beautiful gardens in Shiraz, with a glorious historical mansion built at its heart. The mansion is decorated with seven-color tiles, plastering, and paintings.

Quick Facts

Open from 8:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Admission: IR150000