Reghez Canyon

Faezeh Cheraghi January 11, 2021
Reading Time: 2 Minutes

When adventurers are searching for ideal locations in Fars Province, they ultimately come across Reghez Canyon with its springs of crystal clear water and impressive waterfalls. Meaning pristine and slippery route in the local language, Reghez Canyon is famed as the bride of Iranian Canyons, dressed in green plants and turquoise water.

Among the green pastures and plains of Darab and 250 kilometers southeast of Shiraz, lies beautiful highlands that hide valleys, springs and ponds of water, and 64 waterfalls inside itself. These waterfalls range in height from 4 to 65 meters, and the ponds range in depth from 6 to 20 meters. These natural attractions come together to make Reghez Canyon a popular adventure destination for thrill-seekers.

The ponds are suitable habitats for beautiful fish that swim around you when you slide, dive, swim, and jump into the pools. Since this area is famous for its springs and waterfalls, About Shiraz suggests you visit Reghez Canyon in the spring and summer.

In a Nutshell

Tang-e Reghez is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Darab city, where you can find thrill and excitement. Spectacular, remote, and ripe with adventure, Reghez Canyon welcomes thousands of tourists during the pleasant weather of spring and summer each year. In order to visit this four-kilometer-long adventure destination, remember to bring professional canyoning equipment. You also need to have basic rock-climbing skills.

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