Red Mountain

Shekoufeh Ahmadi January 11, 2021
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West of Shiraz and Southwest of Golestan town, there’s a mountain known as the Red Mountain. It is named so because of the red sand which covers its surface. These sands are constantly eroding, and as result, there are several sand mines at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain is shaped like a person lying down. It has beautiful and deep valleys, making it the perfect destination for hikers. It has about thirty active springs in different parts. Historically, it was once a place of residence and shelter for people many decades ago. If you get a chance to visit this place, you will come across the shelters and eight watchtowers made of stone and mortar. There, you will see different breeds of birds and mammals as well. Due to the special kind of rocks of the mountain, during winter, many icy chandeliers are formed along the northern slope which create mesmerizing landscapes.

In a Nutshell

Red Mountain is a peaceful place for climbers, yogis, and all nature lovers. You get a chance to not only enjoy nature but also see hidden parts of history as well.

Quick fact:

Free Admission

Best time to visit: Mid- March to Mid- September.

Hiking tools are necessary.

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