Pars Museum
January 11, 2021
Shekoufeh Ahmadi
Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Pars Museum, also known as Pergola Mansion, is located in the middle of Bagh-e Nazar. This museum is known as the oldest museum in Fars province and contains valuable works from many different historical periods, some even dating back to the pre-Islamic period. Works of famous painters of Zandieh era, such as Agha Sadegh, Mirza Baba Naghashbashi, and Jafar can be seen along with works of contemporary painters such as Sadr al-Din Shayesteh and Mir Mansour.

The Pergola Mansion was built under the direct supervision of Karim Khan Zand. It was used as a place for foreign guests and ambassadors and to hold official ceremonies on various holidays. The main building is an octagonal mansion with four entrances. The spectacular architecture features brick patterns, tiling and painting, and the use of one-piece plinths that have no cuts in the corners.

In a Nutshell

Museums are the filing cabinet for the past and a place for artistic ecstasy. Pars Museum is no exception. It has been one of the most important assets of history, filled with elegant art and historical antiques. The Islamic architecture, the garden with its old trees, the ponds, and the tiles of the building create a unique atmosphere. This place will definitely give you some insights about Zandieh period.

Quick Facts

Open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission: IR300000