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May 21, 2021

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The Traditional Panjdari Residence belongs to late Qajar period, with a history of about 120 years. After reconstruction, it was put into operation in March 2017. The atmosphere of this residence brings the pleasant feeling of peace and livelihood of old houses to life. With its experienced and expertly trained staff, Panjdari Hotel is ready to welcome you to Shiraz.

General facilities and services of the hotel:


•Tea House

•Traditional Coffee Shop

•Luggage Room

•Green Space

•Safe-deposit Box




•Touring Service

•24-Hour Reception

•Fire Extinguisher

•Wake-Up Service

•Household Services

•Air Conditioning



•Phone in the lobby

•TV in the lobby

Room features of the hotel:

•Room service


•Free water



•Power switch








•Possibility to charge electronics


•Fire alarm system


•Heating and cooling system

Reason to choose this hotel:

The advantages of this traditional residence include easy access to Shahcheragh Shrine and attractions such as Nasir al-Molk Mosque, Vakil Bazaar and Bath, Moshir House, Zinat al-Mulk House, Sibouyeh Tomb, Saadieh, Hafezieh, and so on. This residence is designed in the style of Qajar houses and has a nice courtyard with a water basin and benches around it. Shiraz is the city of sour orange in Iran and the Panjdari hotel is full of the aroma of sour orange blossoms in spring. This hotel has 10 rooms which makes it a very peaceful and quiet residence for guests.

Distance from Panjdari residence to important places in Shiraz:

Distance to Shah Cheragh Shrine: 5-minute walk

Distance to main historical places on Zand Street: 5 minutes by car

Distance to Hafez Tomb: 10 minutes by car

Distance to Eram Garden: 10 minutes by car

Distance to Saadi Tomb: 10 minutes by car

Distance to Persepolis: 45 minutes by car

Distance to the railway station: 45 minutes by car

Distance to Afifabad Garden: 15 minutes by car

Distance to Persian Gulf Shopping Center: 40 minutes by car

Distance to Aftab Shopping Center: 30 minutes by car

Distance to Karandish Shiraz Passenger Terminal: 15 minutes by car

Distance to Shiraz International Airport: 20 minutes by car

Quick Facts

Rating: 3.5/ 5

Approximate Price: IR5000000 ~ IR9000000

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