Shekoufeh Ahmadi April 15, 2021
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Paloodeh is an Iranian dessert that is popular in all Middle Eastern countries. Paloodeh is an ice cream dessert made by placing thin strands of starch in a combination of water and sugar. Shiraz and Kerman are famous for their Paloodeh. Shirazi Paloodeh is usually mixed with lemon juice, herbal essences such as dog-rose extract, bidemeshk, and sour cherry syrup. As a result of the influence of Arabic on Persian, it is also pronounced as "Faloodeh".

It’s considered to be one of the most consumed types of sweets in Iran, which has been popular in summertime since ancient times. In ancient times, almond, pistachio, and animal oils were used in the preparation of Paloodeh. Some of the most famous ice-cream shops in Shiraz, with the best Paloodeh in the city, are located on Naser Khosrow Street:

- Shekarriz Paloodeh and Ice Cream

- Karim Khan Ice Cream

- Jamshidian Ice Cream

- Baba Bastani

In a Nutshell

Paloodeh is a kind of Iranian dessert that is prepared by placing thin strands of starch in water and sugar. It has many flavors such as lemon juice, rose, and other herbal extracts such as leek, burdock, star anise, and more. Shirazi Paloodeh is consumed more than other types in Iran and other countries, and it is sold in many traditional ice cream shops.

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