Nocturnal Fun

April 15, 2021

Kiana Fazilat
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Shiraz is a city that comes alive at night. From a good vantage point, you can see the city’s many lights come to life.

After a long work day, Shirazi people are not the type to just sit at home and relax. They call their friends, get in their cars, and leave home for a fun night out. But where to? What is it that makes Shiraz’s night life a prolific one?

Well, the short answer is, the people of Shiraz do not let a hard day at work stop them from having fun, and the city never fails to deliver. Even those who prefer not to spend money on eating out, find a place to sit down and have a picnic, be it in a park or the grass in the middle of a boulevard!

Those who do, however, enjoy the many restaurants and cafes of the city, which are usually open until late at night. Others prefer to spend their time in escape rooms, board game cafes and game clubs.

However, if none of these options appeal to you, Shiraz still has more to offer. The beautiful lighting makes you see such places as Jahan Nama Garden, Quran Gate and other historical sites in a totally different light (pun intended!). During Nowruz holidays, Hafezieh is even open 24/7.

Certain shopping malls like Setareh Fars, are open until 12 a.m. if you ever get the urge to shop late at night. If you are a night owl, Shiraz certainly is the place to be!

In a Nutshell

In the mood for a late-night snack? A fan of night-time shopping sprees? Too busy to visit historical sites during the day? Shiraz answers the call of every kind of night owl. The city may not have bars and nightclubs, but the fun-loving people of Shiraz always find ways to entertain themselves.

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