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Shekoufeh Ahmadi June 09, 2021
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Shiraz people are famous for having fun. This feature has made this city alive at all times, a place where you can experience joyful nights. Shiraz is one of the few cities in Iran that has lively nights and tourists do not have to stay overnight at the hotel to visit its sights the next morning. The people of Shiraz are also full of life and happiness and they love to get together. Unlike many different cities in Iran, where museums and places of interest are closed at 5 pm, some Shiraz sights' visiting hours, such as Hafezieh, are until 10 pm or 10:30 pm, and even during Nowruz holidays, it’s open 24/7.   


If you are in the mood for poetry, Hafeziyeh has that for you especially at night, you can sit in the tomb of one of the greatest Iranian poets, Hafez Shirazi, and spend a happy night by meditating and reciting his unique poems.   

Chamran Boulevard  

At all hours of the day and night, this boulevard is full of people who have come here to enjoy nature and walk. Chamran Boulevard in Shiraz, which has a wide sidewalk for these walks, with a 4 km long park that is the tallest park on the outskirts of Iran, refreshes your night. In addition to its pleasant natural atmosphere, it also has a beautiful artistic atmosphere. Placing symbols from different periods of human life from childhood to adulthood is one of the beauties of this boulevard. Chamran Boulevard is a hangout place for athletes, cyclists, and families who like to spend the night in the beautiful gardens of the city. There are other famous sidewalks in the same area such as Salamat Sidewalk.   

Night Markets  

At night, Shiraz Bazaar becomes livelier and more attractive. It seems that 12 o'clock at night is the beginning of life and business. The market that starts from 15 Khordad Square and continues to Qasr Al-Dasht is one of these attractive night markets. A market with a variety of goods and at reasonable prices is one of the go-to markets that also have fast foods and vendors who sell delicious food.     Another night market in Shiraz is Zand Street. Vendors are sitting in front of closed shops, reviving the area. The presence of delicious food doubles the pleasure of this night stroll. In the northwest of Shiraz, around Ma'ali Abad, despite its various shops and modern restaurants, it allows people to walk the streets at night. Near the gardens of Qasr al-Dasht, the gardens of Chamran, and the heights of Derak mountain, you can walk and enjoy this overnight walk in Shiraz.  

Quran Gate

Quran Gate is one of the oldest gates left in Shiraz, of course, the current construction of this gate dates back to the Pahlavi era. The lighting of this gate has made it a spectacular night attraction in the city. At night you can walk by the Quran Gate, have some hot tea and local foods, and walk up Khajoy Kermani’s tomb to get a good view of the city.

Food in The Nights of Shiraz  

If you pass some streets of the city after 9 pm, your eyes will light up with the beauty of food vending machines, whose lights will flicker until late at night. From hot and cold drinks to delicious sandwiches and traditional Shirazi dishes, everything can be found in food vans.    Eram street, Shahed street, Quran Gate, Kolahdooz, Chamran Boulevard, and several other streets around town are surrounded by restaurants and street cafes! 

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