Narenjestan Ghavam

Shekoufeh Ahmadi January 11, 2021
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In 1836, when Ghavam Al-Saltanah came to power in Fars, he ordered the construction of a building next to his residence. This complex has become known as Narenjestan Ghavam. It consists of several parts such as: Gachineh Bath, Hosseiniyah Ghavam, Ghavam Library, Ghavam Interior (Zinat al-Molk House) and Ghavam Court House (Narenjestan). Narenjestan building is about 940 square meters, built on a land with an area of 3500 meters. During Qajar period, it was known as the Exterior, and was apart from the inner mansion. Both buildings were accessed by an underground road. Traces of Iranian arts can be seen there (plastering, traditional painting, mirror work, brickwork, sculpture, mosaic work, and inlay work). The design of the garden is more similar to the style of Qajar period, but in the original design, there is an adaptation of Zandieh architecture. In the architecture of the garden, the principle of symmetry has been used. The mirror hall or the garden porch is located in the middle, and the rooms are displayed harmoniously on the right and left.

In a Nutshell

Narenjestan Ghavam Garden is where you can walk through the centuries and enjoy the invigorating atmosphere. This garden is a relic of Qajar era. The fascinating details of tiling, plastering, mirror-work, inlays, carvings, brickwork and the designs and colors used in this building are known as the seven traditional Iranian arts.

Quick Facts

Admission: IR200000


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