Naghsh-e Rajab
January 11, 2021
Shekoufeh Ahmadi
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Two kilometers north of Persepolis, on the Isfahan-Shiraz road, we reach Naghshe Rajab historical monument. The beautiful relics and lithographs in this place are placed next to each other with grandeur. Apparently, the place is named after a coffee house nearby which was owned by a man called Rajab.

The historical Estakhr city was the birthplace of Sassanid Kings, Ardeshir and Shapur, and also the place in which they held their coronation ceremonies. As a result, there are lithographs and motifs of their coronation ceremonies in Naghshe Rajab and Naghshe Rostam. The founder of the Sassanid dynasty, Ardeshir, engraved various parts of his coronation ceremony in Firoozabad Strait, Naghshe Rostam, and Naghshe Rajab. In here, there are four inscriptions with lithographs that describe various assemblies:

Coronation of Ardeshir Papkan, the founder of the Sassanid Empire

Coronation of Shapur I, son and successor of Ardeshir Papkan

Shapur I, son and successor of Ardeshir Papkan and his companions

The prominent figure of Cartier the priest and the great high priest of the Sassanid period

In a Nutshell

Naghshe Rajab, carved two kilometers from Persepolis on the slopes of Rahmat Mountain, includes four Sassanid relics and two Pahlavi inscriptions. The appearance of the people, the hairstyles, the type of clothing, and the decorations of the Sassanid period clothes are well displayed in Naghshe Rajab.

Quick Facts

Time: 8:00 A.M to 5:30 P.M.

Admission: IR200000