Mount Derak
January 11, 2021
Faezeh Cheraghi
Nature & Adventure
Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Mount Derak, with an altitude of 2900 meters above sea level, is also called Mount Mother because of its shape that evokes the image of a pregnant woman in the mind of the viewer.

Stretching from west of this metropolis to Ali Abad village, Mount Derak is always welcomed by mountaineering enthusiasts due to its variety of delightful routes. Mount Derak wears snowcaps from December to late March. There is a building on the top of the mountain, where the mountain profile and details about its peak are written on a tablet. Moreover, with the variety of plants, including thyme, rhubarb, oak, acanthus, anemone, fritillary, and animals such as jackals, foxes, partridges, and hawks in this area, Mount Derak is rich in flora and fauna. Lastly, after a couple of hours of climbing and hiking, the magical moments of the sunset and the view of the city won't fail to captivate the sportsmen.

Address: Iran, Shiraz, Hosseini Al-Hashemi Highway