Mobile Shops on Dariush Street

April 15, 2021

Shekoufeh Ahmadi
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The oldest mall of Shiraz is located on Dariush Street. Shargh Mall was built around 1925 by two Shirazi Jews named Fasqal Kohanim and Dr. Rahparvar, first as an inn, then as a grain garage and army cooperative in the second Pahlavi period. Its function as a mall began around 1949. This building is one of the architectural landmarks in Shiraz. In the old days, the shops inside Shargh Mall sold watches groceries, and even sandwiches. Some of them also repaired bicycles. Now, this market is one of the busiest mobile service markets with a history of nearly 100 years. In fact, the mobile phone shops of Dariush Street in Shiraz, has every type of cellphone brand and their related services, ranging from high-end products like Apple to Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei. The busy Dariush Street hosts the best and most reputable mobile phone shops in Shiraz where you can buy any cellphone or cellphone-related product for an affordable price.

In a Nutshell

Dariush Street is a center for mobile sales in Shiraz. On Dariush Street, you can find all kinds of mobile phone shops. It also provides you with different phone services such as software updates as well as hardware repairs.

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Tohid Street
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