Mesgar-ha Bazaar

Shekoufeh Ahmadi January 11, 2021
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Blacksmiths' Bazaar, or Mesgar-ha Bazaar is located in Shiraz, in Darb-e-Shahzadeh neighborhood, resembling Vakil Bazaar in architecture. This bazaar is the remains of Qaisaria Bazaar (From Safavid Dynasty), built by Imam Qoli Khan. Its roof is artistically designed, and most of its shops are on or below ground level, with rows and cells made of brick and plaster.

At the time, Shiraz had a copper factory and the sale of copper tools was popular. The earthquake that shook Shiraz during the Qajar period dealt great damage to the market, but in 1846, it was rebuilt and regained its former prosperity. Today, clothing and cosmetics shops are more frequently seen in this bazaar, but this does not mean old blacksmiths have given up on keeping their business just as booming as before. Here and there, you can see shops where an old men sits outside, making and fixing copper appliances.

In a Nutshell

Mesgar-ha Bazaar is one of the places where you can experience a centuries-old trade, although few shops remain open to this day. You can see the formation of copper up close and how copper is formed with the sound of each hammer, and you can also buy copper dishes and utensils.

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