Lemon Juice

Shekoufeh Ahmadi April 15, 2021
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Fars Province, with its diverse climate, has a special place in the country in the field of horticulture and production of horticultural products, especially citrus. Among these places, Jahrom City is one of the major cultivators of citrus in Fars. With its large gardens, Jahrom has a major part in the domestic and foreign markets. Jahrom’s lemon is one of the city’s best agricultural products.

Jahrom lemon has been famous for a long time. For example, Haj Sayyah, one of the famous travel writers of the Qajar period, described Jahrom lemon as a "defining fruit" in his travelogue.

Jahrom, while supplying a large part of the country's fresh lemonade and juice, exports it to other countries, especially the countries south of the Persian Gulf as well. Persian Lime, Lisbon Lemon, Pear Lemon, Four Seasons Lemon, and Water Lemon (Ordinary Lemon) are some of its lemon cultivars in Jahrom.

In a Nutshell

Lemon is one of the main products of Jahrom, Fars province. Lemon and lemon juice are one of the souvenirs of Shiraz, like orange and sour orange. Make sure to buy lemon juice from shops with business IDs and avoid buying lemonade one the side of the roads.

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