Kuhpayeh Park
January 11, 2021
Faezeh Cheraghi
Park & Garden
Reading Time: 1 Minutes

Kuhpayeh Park, with an area of 18737 square meters, has gained all its reputation from one of Shiraz's historical attractions, which is the Cradle of Sight.

Gahvare Did (Cradle of Sight), which is on the highest point of this park, was built during the Daylamites era. This centuries-old dome gives a great view of Shiraz city and Quran Gate, especially at night. People can use stairways or mountain routes to reach this place. There are lawns in the foothills of the park, where you can relax. Sometimes, this park hosts public sports most in the morning. Other parts of this park include an oratory, a food buffet, sports equipment, and outdoor play equipment for kids.

Address: Iran, Shiraz, Haft Tanan Blvd