Koloocheh Masghati

Shekoufeh Ahmadi April 15, 2021
Reading Time: 2 Minutes

One of the most popular and delicious traditional sweets of Fars province is Shiraz’s Koloocheh Masghati, which is popular all over Iran. This wonderful traditional cookie has a pleasant smell. It is the perfect side to a cup of freshly brewed black tea. Fars Province confectioneries use rice flour, powdered sugar, white flour, eggs, butter and rose to make Koloocheh and a combination of ingredients such as water, starch, rose, saffron, liquid oil, sugar, and lemon essence to prepare Masghati. It has different types, including saffron, pistachio, rosemary, crimson, etc.

Shirazi Koloocheh is usually sold along with Masghati, which is very popular among Shirazi people and makes a perfect souvenir.

In a Nutshell

Koloocheh and Masghati are among the popular traditional confectionaries of Shiraz and are usually served together. These delicate treats are decorated with pistachios or damask rose petals.

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