Khan School

Shekoufeh Ahmadi January 11, 2021
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Khan School was built by the order and efforts of Allah Verdi Khan Afshar, who ruled Shiraz during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid.

Since in most schools of the time teaching rational sciences was forbidden, one of the features that distinguished this school from the rest was teaching such subjects.

This school is built on a land with an area of 5003 square meters and has two floors. In the past, the school had about 100 rooms for students. But today there are about 70 rooms left. It has a courtyard that is 51 meters long and 45 meters wide, and in the center, there is an octagonal pool with 4 small gardens around it. The tile decoration of this building is one of the finest examples of tiling in Shiraz. The entrance hall of the school is decorated with tiles in Islamic patterns of flowers and bergamot. Images of trees and birds and verses of the Qur'an on various walls are spread in the form of tiling and delicate art.

In a Nutshell

Khan School is one of the valuable and magnificent schools of religious sciences that was built during Safavid period, on Lotfali Khan Zand Street in Shiraz. In addition to its antiquity and unique architecture, Khan School is famed for bearing the name of the most famous scholar in Iran, Mulla Sadra, as one of its alumni.

Quick Facts

Admission: IR150000


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