Herbal Essences

Shekoufeh Ahmadi April 15, 2021
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Meymand, Fars, is located 100 km south of Shiraz. The temperate climate and the acquisition of soil have made it a suitable place for the cultivation of Damask Rose and Dog-Rose from about 2000 years ago. Jor and Meymand are one of the regions of Ardeshir Khoreh, where roses bloom. It’s the largest producer of herbal drinks and roses in the country.

The attitude of Shirazis towards herbal drinks is very professional! That is, all kinds of distillates have a fixed place in the refrigerators of every Shirazi and are prescribed and consumed on different occasions. The herbal extract shops in Shiraz have a variety of distillates for every taste and many cures and home remedies.

In a Nutshell

Due to the special climate of Shiraz, this city has many gardens where a large number of medicinal plants grow, so herbal essences are found in abundance. The most popular herbal essences that you can find in Shiraz and buy as souvenirs are sour orange, bidemeshk, rose, dog-rose, etc.

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