Hayghar Canyon

Kiana Fazilat January 11, 2021
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Hayghar Canyon is located 35 kilometers southeast of Firuzabad and after Rudbal village, between the towns of Qir and Karzin in the southwest of Jahrom in Fars province. It is about 8 kilometers long, and the Qara Aghaj river flows in its bed. In this part of the Zagros Mountains, dynamic tectonics has created many anticlines. Although a tectonic function created the Higher canyon, severe erosions has caused the strait to become wide and deep over the years. 

The high walls of the valley, the river flowing on its bottom, and the birds' echoes create a unique area that is a valuable base for nature tourism. Every year, many tourists travel to this magnificent area of Fars. The depth of Higher Canyon is estimated at four hundred and sixty meters and depicts a fantastic atmosphere in the heart of Fars's arid nature. Higher Canyon resembles the Grand Canyon of Arizona, USA, and Cal Jenny Tabas.

Like other desert areas, this area is home to animals that may not be visible on the surface but can be dangerous. Snakes, scorpions, and tarantulas are among the animals that hide in the rocks and boulders.Make sure the tent zipper is closed at night. Do not forget to bring drinking water, a long rope, and flashlight on this trip. Put all the items in two waterproof plastic bags to avoid getting wet; especially sleeping bags and electronics. Indeed, a trip to the Higher canyon in Fars province will be one of your most memorable trips.

In a Nutshell

Higher canyon is located 35 kilometers southeast of Firoozabad. This canyon is about 8 kilometers long, and the Qara Aghaj river flows in its bed. The Higher canyon resembles the Grand Canyon of Arizona, USA, and Cal Jenny Tabas.

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