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January 11, 2021

Shekoufeh Ahmadi Historical
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About 100 kilometers outside Shiraz, stands one of the most historic and beautiful cities in Fars province. The ancient city of Gour dates back to the Achaemenid period and the invasion of Alexander, and rebuilt during the late Parthian period and the beginning of the formation of the Sassanid rule.

Gour is located 3 kilometers outside what is now the city of Firooz Abad. The ancient city was built during the Sassanid era by Ardeshir Babakan, who founded it on the remains of an Achaemenid city, which was said to be impenetrable. However, the previous city was destroyed by Alexander's attack. The city is circular from above, its concentric streets consist of four main parts and four gates called Mehr, Hormozd, Bahram, and Ardeshir. It is surrounded by fences and wide ditches which protected it from invasions.

In the middle of the city, a palace with high minarets was built, which, according to historians was a symbol of the goddess of water. Ardeshir called this city Ardeshir Khoreh and declared the official religion of the people Zoroaster.

In a Nutshell

Gour was a large city, dating back to the Achaemenid era, and protected by a tall, strong fence. Among the sights of this city, we can mention Dokhtar Castle, Sassanid palace and fire temple tower, and the remains of the city itself. The Sassanid city of Gour is the first circular city in Iran, built by the order of Ardeshir Babakan.

Quick Facts

Admission: IR300000

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/VctqYPRQAJ8AaUni6

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