Glass Making

April 15, 2021

Shekoufeh Ahmadi Arts & Crafts
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Glassmaking is one of the most beautiful and valuable industries in Shiraz today. Glassware and objects are made by Shirazi artists in interesting and various shapes. The products they make using ancient techniques are called handmade glassworks. Sometimes, they use decorative crafts such as carving, scratching and painting behind the glass. Glassmaking is one of the industrial arts of Iran that has a long history. According to the available evidence, it has existed since ancient times and has reached its peak during certain Islamic periods such as Ghaznavids and Seljuks.

At present, many manual glass workshops are in operation in Tehran, Isfahan, Meymand, Ghamsar, Shiraz and Jahrom. In Shiraz, glass artists are more active in the production of presses and produce more press bottles for storing liquids. In Jahrom, because they make lemonade in the summer, the glass containers that are made are limited to the same use. In Meymand city, which is located 110 km outside Shiraz, due to the abundance of flower gardens, making rose water has a long history. Therefore, glassmaking has been common since then and in every period, industrialists have made tools that are suitable for this purpose.

In a Nutshell

The glass is made by skilled artists from a combination of alkaline silicates and melted in a furnace. The molten material is then shaped by hand or mold, and finally, a smooth, brittle and transparent body is obtained. Glassmaking has been common in other parts of Iran since ancient times and its examples can be seen in museums inside and outside the country.

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