April 15, 2021

Shekoufeh Ahmadi Arts & Crafts
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Giveh is a kind of traditional footwear with a history of three thousand years. The comfort and coolness of Giveh, as well as the ability to diversify and modernize this footwear, has made it still welcomed. This handicraft is common in the provinces of Fars, Kermanshah, Charmahal and Bakhtiari, Ilam, and Zanjan. It is a traditional hand-woven quilt that is very light, cool, and comfortable due to the use of natural materials such as yarn and cotton.

Giveh has special features that have made it useable and not merely decorative in a time when all kinds of shoe factories have taken over the country's footwear market. One of the unique features of Giveh is that it does not have left and right pairs and one can wear any piece of Giveh on either foot. Another feature is its coolness that prevents bad smell and sweating.

The most beautiful quilt is woven in Abadeh, a city between Isfahan and Shiraz. Abadeh's finest quilts are woven from fine, twisted cotton yarn, and have beautiful geometric patterns in which small holes are made during weaving.

In a Nutshell

Giveh is a type of ancient footwear that is made from silk and cotton yarns. You can find Giveh in Vakil Bazaar and Qalat Village, in certain shoe stores that specialize in making this kind of footwear. You can order and design your own shoes and give a bohemian vibe to your style.

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