Forough Al-Molk House

Shekoufeh Ahmadi January 11, 2021
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Forough Al-Molk House, also known as the Meshkin Fam Art Museum, is one of Shiraz’s many attractions. This historical building, like most of its kind, has five main parts: exterior, interior, kitchen, bathroom, and stable. The exterior of the mansion is connected to the courtyard by corridors. In the southern part of the building, there is a large hall for entertaining guests. On the west side, you’ll see the royal residence with its beautiful knotted wooden windows. This royal residence is connected to the inner mansion by a pool house. The inner mansion has a main hall, a reception, and a number of mirror rooms. The owner of the house (Forough Al-Molk Ghavami) built this house in 1892 in one of the traditional neighborhoods in Shiraz, near Bibi Dokhtaran Tomb. This building is 1020 square meters. In the 1980s, it was reconstructed and restored by Shiraz Urban Development and Improvement Organization. In 2004, Cultural Heritage Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization of Fars Province, began its utilization of the building as Shiraz Meshkin Fam Museum,

In a Nutshell

Forough Al-Molk House dates back to late Qajar period. It is a residential house with beautiful brickwork, eye-catching tiles, artistic plastering, great carvings, and paintings that have been painted on the roof of some rooms, which serves as an art museum.

Quick Facts

Admission: IR150000


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