Fadami Waterfall

Shekoufeh Ahmadi January 11, 2021
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Fadami waterfall is the true embodiment of beauty. This natural attraction is located in the last point of southeastern Fars. With a width of 800 meters, Fadami used to be the widest natural waterfall in Iran. Today, it is only 200 meters due to successive droughts.

Below the waterfall is a large pond and above it is a dense cover of tall plants and reeds. The freshwater of this waterfall actually supplies drinking water to the city of Fadami and the surrounding villages. More interestingly, the freshwater of the waterfall is very cool and refreshing during summer and warm during winter. There are many caves with different depths and beautiful shapes and icicles in the area, as well as geophysical and geological features such as faults, arches, synclines, minerals, and various rock, sedimentary, salt, and soil crystals.

In a Nutshell

Fadami waterfall, located 130 kilometers southeast of Darab, is one of Fars’s natural waterfalls. The region contains freshwater, caves, and various plant species. The beautiful landscape touches the soul of every nature-loving visitor.

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Location: https://goo.gl/maps/ruXzkzaoYaGcvcnw6

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