Dom-e Asb Canyon and Waterfall

January 11, 2021

Faezeh Cheraghi Nature & Adventure
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Located 40 kilometers south of Shiraz in Kohmareh Sorkhi, Tang-e Dom-e Asb is a spectacular and untapped adventure destination, whose name is derived from a waterfall resembling a horse's tail. (Asb means horse in Farsi).

Thirty meters high, Dom-e Asb Waterfall flows down the height of high cliffs, resembling a horse's tail. The clear water of the waterfall, along with its lush nature, dazzles the eye of every adventurer. To reach the waterfall, you have to climb the rocky slopes of high mountains and cross the water and roaring path of the river that passes through the giant green rocks. The whole route to the waterfall is paved with lush oak trees, pomegranates, oregano, and short shrubs and plants. Iranian squirrels can also be seen along this beautiful and pleasant path.

The area has pleasant weather during spring and summer. That's why adventurers and eco-tourists choose these two seasons to enjoy the pristine and green nature of Tang-e Dom-e Asb.

In a Nutshell

Dom-e Asb Canyon and its beautiful waterfall are among the many adventure destinations and tourist attractions in Fars province. This area is resplendent in scenic landscapes that make your visit an exciting experience and the perfect place for those looking for fun group adventures.

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