Darb-e-e Shazdeh Boutique Hotel

May 21, 2021

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This newly opened boutique hotel in Shiraz has attracted a lot of attention. The boutique of “Darb-e Shazdeh” hotel belongs to Qajar period and is located at the heart of Zand Street and reflects the rich cultural heritage and ancient architecture of Shiraz. Its architecture, mixed with contemporary art and design shows the beautiful décor of Iranian houses. This special boutique hotel in Shiraz has a small cafe, a private garden, and a traditional sanctuary. Darb-e Shazdeh Boutique Hotel is located in the historic urban fabric of Shiraz and is a short distance from Karim Khan Citadel and Vakil Bazaar. It has 8 rooms and costs between $ 120 and $ 240 per night for international tourists.

General facilities of the hotel:



-Private green yard



-Laundry service

Room facilities of the hotel:

-Room service





-Tea maker

-24-hour reception

Distance from the hotel to important places in the city:

Reasons to choose this hotel:

One advantage of the hotel is its walking distance to important historical sights of the city. Another reason to choose Darb-e Shazdeh is the experience of staying in a historical house and traveling back to Qajar period with its charming architecture. Some of the rooms include a mirror room, little prince room, double attic room, double garden room, side room, panjdari room, howzkhane room, seven-door room, and sash room, which are all features of Qajar era architecture.

Distance to Historical places on Lotfali Khan Zand Street: about 500 m

Distance to Shah Cheragh Shrine: about 1 km

Distance to Shiraz International Airport: 16.5 km

Distance to Hafezieh: 1.2 km

Distance to the city shopping centers: about 2 km

Distance to Karandish Bus Terminal 2.5 km

Quick Facts

Rate: 4.3/ 5

Approximate price: IR2500000 ~ IR5000000

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