Boraq Canyon

Faezeh Cheraghi January 11, 2021
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Among the dense towering trees with numerous springs and roaring rivers, beautiful caves, lofty cliffs and rocks, and cascading waterfall nestles a hidden jewel for nature lovers, known as Tang-e Boraq.

One of the spectacular canyons of Iran, Tang-e Boraq is located in a village of the same name in Eqlid city of Fars province. Situated 120 kilometers northwest of Shiraz, Tang-e Boraq is surrounded by towering mountains and embellished with lofty trees. The height of the rock and mountain walls on both sides of the canyon sometimes reaches more than 300 meters, which makes it safe from the burning heat and sunlight during hot seasons. Thus, Tang-e Boraq has a temperate climate, making it a hotspot for the many tourists who visit during spring and summer.

Another mesmerizing manifestation of Tang-e Boraq is its waterfall, which is about 40 meters high and flows into a beautiful pond. This pond is of shallow depth in some spots and deep in others. The clear azure water of this pond makes it a pleasurable place for visitors to gather. Also, there is a beautiful cave in the rock wall on the left side of the canyon, which has a calcareous origin, and water, in the form of raindrops, drips from the roof into the floor of the cave. The humid atmosphere of this cave and the damp walls of the canyon have helped moss grow on the rocks. As a result, water slides on the moss and flows into the canyon.

In a Nutshell

The growth of plants and formation of natural patios on the walls and chasms of this valley has created an oasis of unparalleled beauty in Eqlid County. Making people eager to visit Tang-e Boraq Canyon for swimming, camping, photography, fishing, and having lots of fun.

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