Bishapur Museum

January 11, 2021

Shekoufeh Ahmadi
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Bishapur was built in 266 AD by the order of Shapur I, the Sassanid king. After Shapur's victory over the Roman emperor Valerian, Shapur ordered the construction of the city of Ctesiphon in a climatically pleasant region on the way to Persepolis. During the Achaemenid period, this road connected the cities of Persepolis and Istakhr to Susa. An ancient Syrian architect named Apasai was chosen to build the new city.

The city is host to a small museum in which showcases are arranged in a chronological order. Large pottery with primitive patterns and motifs, the tombstone with the inscription belonging to the daughter of one of the Sassanid elders, and silver coins and small stamps used for trade are just some of its notable artifacts.

In a Nutshell

Bishapur Museum, located in Kazerun, tells us a part of the buried history of Iran. It’s located near the historical city of Bishapur, next to the Shapur Cave Road, where you can see the artifacts that were discovered during excavations in this ancient site. The museum, although small, hosts valuable works that narrate a small part of Sassanid history to those who listen.

Quick Facts

Admission: IR300000


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07:30 - 8:30
Fars Province, Kazerun city, Bishapour Ancient City
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