Bibi Dokhtaran

Shekoufeh Ahmadi January 11, 2021
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Bibi Dokhtaran Tomb is one of the holy shrines in Shiraz. The two-story tomb is dedicated to the granddaughter of Imam Sajjad, Bibi Khadijeh, and was built by one of the female rulers of Zandieh era.

The order to build the tomb was given by the wife of the founder of Al-Muzaffar dynasty, Qatlan Beyk Khatun, but after an earthquake, this building was destroyed and Mohammad Qoli Khan Ilkhani, who had a special interest in art and culture, decided to repair it. With a tall dome and no exquisite tiles, this multi-faceted building has a simple but unique design that gives the visitors a feeling of tranquility. Of course, the inlays, tiles, and inscriptions inside the tomb are spectacular. It’s built on 2 floors with bricks and is surrounded by a garden and large trees that have given it a special beauty.

There are several entrances installed on the four sides of the square building. Inside the tomb, calligraphy inscriptions, tiles, plastering, and inlays can be seen, and in the middle of the courtyard, there is a wooden enclosure.

In a Nutshell

Bibi Dokhtaran Tomb is one of those rare religious places that is built for women. The place is a two-story building that is very simple on the outside, without any special Islamic decorations. On the inside however, you will find beautiful tiles, plastering, inlays and mirror rooms. On the upper floor of the tomb, there are several balconies with wooden lattice railings and plaster ceiling decorations that are skillfully engraved.

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