Barm Firooz Lake and Mountain

January 11, 2021

Faezeh Cheraghi Nature & Adventure
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90 kilometers northwest of Shiraz, in Sepidan, on Barm Firooz Peak, lies a small lake with beautiful surroundings. Barm Firooz is the name of this lake, which is one of the main sources of Shesh Pir Spring.

Barm Firooz Mountain is the second-highest mountain in Fars province, located northwest of Shiraz in Sepidan, near Poolad Kaf Ski Resort. Formed by the melting snow in warm seasons, this lake is host to thousands of tourists in spring and summer every year. During these seasons, the meeting of snow and meadows in the vicinity of Barm Firooz create a beautiful landscape. If you take a trip to this pristine area in the spring, you will no doubt enjoy the clean air. This beautiful view in winter is indistinct and frozen due to a lot of snow.

The trail to the peak starts from 2800 meters and reaches 3720, with Firooz Pond located at an altitude of 3350 meters. There are two possible routes to Barm Firooz: the first is a trail that passes Ronj Summit, and the second is a route that starts from Poolad Kaf Ski Resort, which is the shorter and more popular one. However, the first route has more natural attractions like upside-down tulip plains.

In a Nutshell

If you are thinking of finding an area for mountaineering, Barm Firooz is one of the best choices. With all of these in mind, if you finally decide to go to Barm Firooz, make your trip safe and enjoyable by taking the necessary equipment and adequate and light nutrition with you.

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