Baba Koohi Tomb and Heights

Faezeh Cheraghi January 11, 2021
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In the northern mountains of Shiraz and to the left of Quran Gate, stands a mountain called Baba Koohi. This mountain is named after an Iranian poet-mystic (Sufi), whose tomb is located in said mountain.

There are two caves in this mountain, one of which was the residence of one of the mystics in the past, and inside the other is now the tomb of Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Abdullah, known as Baba Koohi. This tomb is a relic from the Daylamites era, which is one of Iran National Heritages and has now become a beautiful promenade.

The tomb of Baba Koohi is a simple single room with a beautiful porch in the front. This porch has been renovated in recent years and is embellished with eye-catching tiles and beautiful muqarnas. The tomb is surrounded by old and green trees, and a small stone pool can be seen next to the tomb. The promenade is below the tomb. To reach the tomb, one has to hike for about 2 kilometers. Keep in mind that the trail in some parts becomes a staircase.

Even though climbing this mountain is not a difficult task, in the end, it will relieve your weariness by presenting a panoramic view of the city to you. In this promenade, cafes, a restaurant, fast food, and an amusement park for children, along with other amenities are provided for tourists.

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