Azadi Park

January 11, 2021

Faezeh Cheraghi
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In the north of Shiraz, sits a large park which dates back to 1966, called Azadi Park. It is 200,000 square meters wide, providing a large recreational space for the public.

Azadi Park can entertain people of different ages. For instance, there is a playground for children. Azadi Park provides the youth enough space to play football and volleyball. Also, it presents a green, clean, and beautiful environment, filled with tall trees, providing the elderly with a tranquil atmosphere. Cyclists and skaters find it the best place to practice.

Azadi Park has various recreational facilities that make it popular among not only citizens but also tourists. A great hall, an oratory, a religious and cultural center, a theatre, an artificial lake, a bird's nest, an amusement park, and a 3D movie theater are all the highlights of Azadi Park, making it a must-see in Shiraz. Different restaurants and coffee shops in and around the park provide food services for visitors.

In a Nutshell

Azadi Park, with its various recreational facilities for tourists as well as citizens, is a popular park located north of Shiraz. In addition to the artificial lake, the amusement park, religious center, facilities, trees and flowers, various sculptures add to the beauty and value of this park. About Shiraz invites you to visit Azadi Park. If you have been there before, share your experience with us in the comments section.

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