Automobile Repair Shops in Amirkabir Boulevard

April 15, 2021

Shekoufeh Ahmadi Markets
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Amirkabir Boulevard is one of the most important boulevards in Shiraz. It starts from Amirkabir Bridge and ends after crossing Sarbaz intersection, Rishmak intersection, Koshan Bridge, and Imam Hassan Bridge on Bushehr Road. Different parts of this boulevard are under the supervision of districts 4 and 9 of Shiraz Municipality. Shirazi people also call it Siman (cement) Road, because of the existence of a cement factory in the vicinity. Around Amirkabir Boulevard from Imam Hassan Bridge to Bushehr Road, there are residential areas such as Valfajr, Sajjadieh, Siman, and Mahdieh Towns. The non-residential part, the crossing of Shiraz Ring Road, the existence of a cement factory, and most importantly, acting as the gateway to the south and west of the city (Bushehr Road) have led to the formation of large industries and warehouses and repair shops for heavy vehicles. This is so remarkable that the surroundings on the main street, namely Amirkabir and Edalat, are formed in accordance with this feature. The existence of large factories such as Rishmak and the Cement Factory also confirms the industrial performance of the region.

In a Nutshell

Amirkabir Boulevard is located southwest of Shiraz. It is a newly developed residential area that’s known for its many automobile repair shops and industrial factories such as the cement factory.

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