Atiq Grand Mosque

Shekoufeh Ahmadi January 11, 2021
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Atiq Mosque is the oldest mosque in Shiraz. Located east of Shah Cheragh shrine, one of Atiq’s entrances is through the courtyard of the shrine. Archaeological findings show that the mosque was built on the remains of an old shrine (probably a fire temple). The previous building’s blueprint is said to have influenced the design of the mosque.

Atiq Mosque has valuable architectural features. It is located on the north side of a door with the names of the Twelve Imams, the head of which is made of parallel tiles. Four decorated inscriptions with the names of the Imams are installed in the two-sided piers. On the same side, the pearl arch, which is considered a high-rise arch, with a roof made of brick and two tall towers, has given a beautiful appearance to this place. The western side of the mosque has a porch with several entries

In a Nutshell

Atiq Grand Mosque is the oldest mosque in Shiraz which is also known as Juma or Adineh (meaning Friday) Mosque. In this mosque, each of the four sides of the building has valuable architectural features and, in this regard, it is valued by art lovers and those interested in Iranian architecture. The inscriptions are also a valuable example of Iranian calligraphy and Arabic poems in honor of Qur'an.

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