Ali Ibn Hamzeh Tomb
January 11, 2021
Shekoufeh Ahmadi
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Ali Ibn Hamzeh Shrine is one of the famous mosques in Shiraz, which is located south of Quran Gate, next to Ali Ibn Hamzeh Bridge. For the first time during the reign of Adud al-Dawla Dailami, a large tomb with a dome was built on top of the grave. During Safavid rule, the tomb and dome of the mosque were repaired. During Zandieh period, Murad Khan and Zaki Khan Zand renovated it as well. The mausoleum building includes a large shrine and mirrored walls and ceilings that have marble plinths up to one meter high. On the northern side of the building, the shrine of Ali Ibn Hamza is located inside a structure made of wood, inlay, and steel, with turquoise dome above. On the sides of the shrine, at the bottom, there is a corridor and a room. The courtyard of this shrine is now covered with new and old tombs with a small pool in the middle. The outer walls are decorated with mosaic and the inner walls are arched.

In a Nutshell

Ali Ibn Hamzeh Shrine is located in Shiraz. In addition to its high religious status, it is one of the most valuable buildings in Shiraz because of its historical significance. This shrine is the tomb of the son of Imam Musa Kazem, which is rich with historic inscriptions and eye-catching Islamic architecture.

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