About Us

About Shiraz was established in 2018 in order to introduce and offer detailed information regarding Shiraz City and Fars Province to non-Farsi Speakers. Our team endeavors to acquaint the people all around the world with Shiraz and Fars through various media outlets, currently centering on the website.  

Tours and Services:

It is our constant endeavor to give diverse and practical tours. Therefore, the quality of tours and the taste and goals of the tourists are of utmost importance. We do not limit the tours to cultural and historical ones, but also provide touring services for those interested in health tourism, ecotourism, investment and exhibitions. Our team also provides consulting and other services for investors who plan on entering the market and helps foreign companies across Fars Province.  


About Shiraz considers holding various events in fields such as sports, health, art and investment .etc. as one of its executive affairs and therefore plans on providing services and holding various events in Shiraz. Our team is ready to provide consulting services for all foreign organizations and peoples who intend to hold or take part in said events.  

Documentary Films:

Another one of About Shiraz’s duties is to make documentaries in order to reveal the hidden potentials of the people and heritages of Shiraz City and Fars Province which are truly rare and concurrent with world standards. These documentaries intend to make known to the world the unique peoples and places of Shiraz and Fars.      


About Shiraz provides tourists with a seasonal magazine, where a variety of information regarding future events, economics, lifestyle, history and culture, is gathered by the research team. The magazine is available in print in tourist attractions, hotels and other spots. You can also find it on the website.   

The Map:

Shiraz previously lacked a thorough guide to the city with all the necessary elements. About Shiraz, through extensive research and gathering information regarding the needs of foreign tourists, has compensated this lack with a standard map of Shiraz and its old neighborhoods. The map also includes the necessary information for tourists and is available in print and online, to save you time and money.    


Fars Province, although ripe with old heritage, also offers new findings, which leaves a lot of room for the discussion of subjects that have not been previously talked about. Our team, with the help of experts, presents online and printed articles regarding said subjects.