Shiraz 360

Shiraz 360

Here are some of the most famous Fars province and Shiraz sights 360' picture



1-Nasir al mulk mosque:




3-Hafez tomb:


4-Arge Karimkhan:


5-Shahcheragh Shrine:


6-Naranjestan Ghavam:


7-Eram Garden:


8-Deh Gerdoo: 


9-Reghez Canyon:


10-Manteghi Nezhad House:


11-Ghalat Village:


12-Vakil Mosque:


13-Vakil Bazzar:                   


14- Qoraan Gate:               


15-Zinat al molk house:          




17-Khaan School:


18-Moali Abad Bridge:     


19-Vakil Bath:                   


20-Naranjestan Ghavam:    




22-Shapouri House:            


23-Shahcheragh Shrine:              


24-Vakil Bazzar:            


25-Vakil Mosque:            


26-Afif Abad Garden:                  


27-Hafez tomb:                               


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